a special day

well its that one day of the year again. its the one day of the year dedicated to her, the one person who holds it all together. she works so hard. and i owe her so much. for all the diapers changed and staying up all night, feeding. how to walk.     all the kisses for scraped knees. being a teacher, how to tie my shoes. how to be polite, respect for others. sewing the rips in the clothing after a long days play. all the hockey games and scout trips. being there for the heart ache and birthday cakes. new clothes for school and poor attitudes. you continued to be supportive/helpful in anything required. with all these IOU’s that are owed to you, those being only a few. i know that she would write the bill “paid in full” for just a kiss on the cheek and four little words.  “Mom….. I love you “


so far today

after a very short nights sleep, i was able to force myself out of bed to finally see her again. enduring morning traffic was brutal and i never thought i would make it. once i saw her my day had been made. school final seemed to lose its stress, traffic on the ride home wasn’t a problem and i golfed exceptionally well. as the rest of this day moves on, i hope i can enjoy myself with her on my mind, until tonight ….

reflection of today

its been a long day. woke up early to see the sun just creeping over the horizon. i laid still…., thinking about her. minutes passed and i rose from my bed and dressed myself.  glided myself to the coffee and enjoyed that hot morning cup.  when it was gone i grabbed my keys and went for a drive. having her on my mind must have clouded it because i attempted to go to a store that would not be open for another hour.

happy to talk to her while she started her day i was almost satisfied just talking through the phone. eventually i was back home. patiently waiting for her to pick up conversation with me some more. she’s a busy girl and i know i shouldn’t complain but not being in contact seemed to make me strain. As the hours ticked by i finally was drawn to the back porch where i was relaxed by that bright shining sun.

topless with my shorts rolled up i began to fall asleep from that warm ball of flame. A short rest it was as i was called to work for the afternoon. still having her on my mind i raced to complete my work tasks so i could again talk to her. the talking was short, for i was now busy. eating quickly before my evening activity.

though i wished it were with her i had to focus myself elsewhere there was competition that had to be conquered. my team and i were victors in this evening competition. alas my phone was now dead and though my mind cried out to talk with her. i could not . speeding home i raced to my bed where my laptop was sitting.  we have talked and talked now but by this time i know that i will not get to see her tonight. only in my dreams will we laugh and play. i’m hopeful tomorrow brings a gorgeous new day. until i see her i know my mind will be filled with her presence.  sweet dreams

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